Rewards & Benefits


Welly’s Fast food chain will generate rewards which will be distributed to NFT holders. These rewards are collected from the PROFITS proceeds of the revenue. Thus, the more locations, the more the revenue, the more the rewards. Through the DAO our community can decide what to do with these accumulated rewards; such as opening a new location, distributing them to the NFT holders, rewarding employees of the company in order to increase the company’s sustainability, or burning $SHIB.

How Much?

The rewards collected will amount to 8% of the company’s PROFIT. Furthermore, holders will have exclusive access to Welly’s organized events around the world. Each holder, once entering a Welly store will be greeted like a proper business owner. Moreover; the same holders will have exclusive access to private events hosted by Welly worldwide, every single NFT of the collection will also be used for marketing on billboards, packaging, and social media. Thus, increasing the insights and value of those NFTs through exposure. Furthermore, during the period those NFTs will be used for marketing, they’ll generate an increased amount of rewards as they are the VIPs of Welly. Rarity will be as we’ve seen previously based on attributes. However, periodically this will mutate depending on how an NFT is used worldwide and the exposure it receives.


Given the many different needs we encountered reading the hundreds of franchise requests. We are structuring a plan for different franchise formulas.

The Welly franchising licenses will be divided into:
1. Ghost kitchen
2. Store under 150sqm
3. Flagship store above 150sqm.

In addition, the Welly team is keen to grant licenses to individuals and entrepreneurs with the same vision and as Welly, who intend to open more stores, so as to guarantee products in all stores and become master franchisors. Of course we will adapt the menus according to the laws and cultures of each individual country, in order to enter people’s hearts and give them their typical products traced on the blockchain. We are currently in the middle of negotiations with our first master franchisor, a leading business company in Asia, Europe and USA with current revenue of over 1b$, to lease the firsts ever Welly franchises. At the moment we decided to give exclusive access to the franchise licenses only to community members who hold a Welly Friends NFT. We are currently evaluating the best of these options, aiming at the USA.


As previously mentioned, Welly will have an exclusive collaboration with a AAA fashion brand for Merchandise supply and uniforms.

This Merch will be available worldwide at every Welly store, online, and at the fashion brand flagship stores.

Who knows, maybe certain NFTs are rewarded also with this merch.

$WELLY Points

Through the creation of a NO LIQUIDITY based token with NO monetary value, customers will be able to accumulate $WELLY points which will allow community members to participate in special events, exchange the same points for merch, for meals and to unlock privileges in every Welly store.






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